18 January 2018
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Latest Container Handling Equipment

We have now invested heavily in the latest container handling equipment.
The machine is a Combilift Straddle Carrier and it enables us to place containers on the ground for unloading and loading. This makes cargo handling so much quicker and safer and also allows us to unload awkward consignments that would not have been possible previously.
Before buying this machine, we had been unloading all containers using ramps. This was somewhat time consuming and restricted the size and weight of individual items that we could handle.
Most types of container handling equipment are unsuitable for our premises and it took a lot of research to find something to suit us. Our forklift suppliers www.forktruckdirect.ltd.uk found the machine which is manufactured by www.combilift.com . It was built at their factory in Eire, shipped to the UK by trailer and constructed on our site in one day.
We are delighted with the simplicity of this machine – it has made a huge difference to our daily operation.

Click the images below to see the handler in action.