18 January 2018
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Get Routed 2011


For the eleventh year in a row, Imorex have been the UK agent for the annual pilgrimage of Aussie bikers coming to the UK for the Isle of Man TT Event.
This year is the Centenary Anniversary of the mountain section of the races so even more motorcyclists made the journey this year.
A total of 130 motorcycles were placed on to specially designed cradles, loaded into containers and then shipped from various ports in Australia. Imorex then unload the containers ready for the owners to fly in, collect their bikes and head off. The bikers usually also include an extended tour of the UK and Europe before taking the bikes back to Imorex to be reloaded on to the cradles and shipped back to Australia.
This year, twenty nine of the participants had their bikes shipped into Turkey a few weeks before the TT and then rode them overland to the UK.
Included in this party were Dave and Maggie Milligan, the owner operators of Get Routed an Australian company specialising in the shipment of motorcycles for special events, touring holidays and motor cycle shows. On this trip, Dave and Maggie researched a route going through various countries including Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania,, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia and across Europe to the UK.      
This route complete with stop off points, accommodation, interesting information etc will now be available for clients interested in following in their footsteps in future years.
Next year, Dave and Maggie plan to ship their bikes into Barcelona and do a similar researching trip around Northern Europe.

If you would like to contact Dave here is a link to his website Get Routed
Bikes on cradles in container prior to unloading Bike on Cradle being unloaded from container
Cradle being moved Nearly ready to prepare
some of the bikes after unloading

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